Did Not Attends - DNAs

DNA is a patient who booked an appointment and did not attend.

  • If you cannot keep an appointment with any Clinician please contact the surgery as soon as possible to cancel.
  • The surgery can then re-use this appointment for another patient.
  • If you DNA an appointment this wastes the clinician’s time and an appointment slot which could be used for somebody else.

If you miss an appointment, unfortunately this means the GP surgery cannot offer that appointment to someone else.

This means the time has been wasted

  • If you miss an appointment you will receive a letter from the surgery informing you the appointment has been missed.
  • You can receive up to three DNA letters from the surgery. If any further appointments are missed within a 12 month period then you may be removed from the surgeries patient list.

If you cannot keep an appointment and would like to cancel please ring the surgery and inform the reception staff. They will then cancel your appointment.

Lines are open 8:00am – 6:30pm Monday – Friday

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